ALP Advanced Laser Platform
High power Advanced Laser Platform
ALP is a new laser platform delivering up to three separate, configurable output ports linked to the same ultrafast fiber laser oscillator. The flexible laser architecture can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of applications with diverse requirements.

Each output can be configured as a fixed wavelength or broadband supercontinuum with a variety of power, wavelength and pulsewidth options. The different outputs are always synchronised so that the pulses can be overlapped both spatially and temporally.

The oscillator can operate at repetition rates up to 80MHz and, with an optional pulse picker, variable repetition rates can also be offered. These are robust, reliable and self-starting lasers offering turn-key operation and zero maintenance.

The standard ALP-710-745-SC system is available preconfigured with three outputs consisting of supercontinuum, 710nm and 745nm.

  • Up to three synchronised outputs
  • Independent control of each output
  • High power, low noise
  • User definable configurations
  • Fixed or variable repetition rates
  • Super resolution techniques
  • Pump-probe experiments
  • CARS
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Fundamental study
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