HE1060 / HE532
Versatile high-energy fiber lasers
The HE1060 series is a range of high pulse energy ultrafast fiber lasers designed for industrial applications. Exceptional singlemode beam-quality, high peak-powers and class-leading stability enable the most demanding processes to be accomplished with this system. The HE532 series adds fully integrated second harmonic generation to efficiently produce 532nm output at micro-joule pulse energy.

The integrated output modulator allows single-shot, burst-mode or continuous operation as well as pulse-to-pulse control of intensity,

The systems are based on an inherently robust self-starting ultrafast fiber laser oscillator and high energy fiber amplifier. They are air-cooled and require no user alignment or maintenance.

  • Up to 10μJ pulse energy
  • Ultra-short pulse widths down to <10ps
  • Single-shot to 1MHz variable repetition rate
  • Ultra-low Heat-Affected Zone
  • 1064nm or 532nm wavelengths
  • Designed for 24/7 operation and OEM integration
  • Maintenance-free and air-cooled
  • Materials processing
  • Photovoltaic scribing
  • Thin-film processing
  • Micro-machining
  • Semiconductor inspection and metrology
  • Photo-acoustic spectroscopy
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