WhiteLase SC450-HE
The WhiteLase™ SC450-HE systems are desgined for high energy applications by providing very high spectral energy density across a wide spectral bandwidth. Producing micro-joule class supercontinuum pulses enables new application areas for supercontinuum sources and has proven perfomance in laboratories around the world. By incorporating a pulse picker the system offers the option of different repetition rates, which allows optimal performance for many applications in both research and industry.

The lasers are easy to use and offer simple and safe operation with a touchscreen interface. The inherent robust all-fiber design allows for unprecedented levels of reliability.

The laser can be used in conjunction with Fianium AOTF and SuperChrome™ Filters, giving a variety of tuning options.

  • Micro-Joule pulse energy
  • Spectrum from <550nm to >1750nm
  • >1nJ/nm from <600nm to >800nm
  • Touchscreen interface controls
  • MHz variable repetition rates with ps pulse widths
  • Maintenance-free and air-cooled
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