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PCO-TECH specializes in the areas of High Speed Imaging and Lighting Systems, High Performance CCD and CMOS Imaging Systems, Optical Non-Contact Measuring and Monitoring Instrumentation, and NIST Traceable Light Measurement Instrumentation and Services.

Visitron Systems GmbH is known as one of the leading companies supplying imaging-solutions in the field of microscopy over the last 20 years. The company was founded by its two managing directors Dr. Gunter Köhn and Helmut Wurm to support scientific in biology.

CoolLED is specialist design and manufacturing company.  It specialises in high-performance LED technology where demands for intensity and stability are high.  To achieve this, expertise and experience in the design, assembly and cooling of LED assemblies has been established.

Applied Scientific Instrumentation, Inc. (ASI) manufactures top-of-the-line products for sub-micron positioning, including servomotor stages, stages with integrated piezos that provide high-speed nanometer resolution, feedback systems for maintaining focus stability and autofocus, even while scanning. ASI also offers complete turnkey motion control & microscopy systems. We offer custom solutions for OEM’s & our products are designed for long life under demanding applications.

Nikon is developing a broad spectrum of advanced technologies, products and services, centering on its precision, imaging and instruments businesses, and based on opto-electronics and precision technologies. In this way, Nikon supports society throughout the world, evolving cutting-edge industries that nurture the future, fulfilling the dreams of people everywhere.

TILL Photonics GmbH develops and markets live cell fluorescence microscopes for research applications as well as routine, applied science and diagnostics.And provides extremely flexible, modular systems for all current and future microscopy standards - and complete turnkey solutions for imaging and photometry systems.

Fianium is a fiber laser company focused on ultra-fast,high power laser systems. The company was established in 2003 with the specific goal to challenge the laser market by providing compact, efficient and maintenance-free alternatives to the incumbent gas and solid state lasers.
NET supplies an extensive range of cameras, lenses, light systems and assemblies as well as software and hardware components, rounded off with an effective range of services.

Imaging systems and Cameras are the traditional core of XIMEA's knowledge. Expanding portfolio of Intellectual Property, Building blocks and Reusable components allowing us efficient development of new and custom specific products and systems. Integrated R&D chain covering under one roof all major steps of product development, physical verification and fabrication, results in unsurpassed product quality and integrity.

Kaltis® is a manufacturer of refrigeration products and specializes in a range of state of the art, chest and upright, Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, which offer some unique operating features, long term reliability and minimal maintenance costs.

ThermoTek, Inc. has been a leader in the medical device industry for more than eighteen years. The newest introductions for the aesthetic and therapeutic market are the ArTek Spot® and ArTek Air®. The ArTek Spot® and ArTek Air® are effective dermal cooling devices for laser/light based treatments and injectables.

LovaLite is a young innovative company founded in 2004, commanding a manufacturing process for near-field microscopy micro-optical components.
LovaLite design, manufacture and sell products for optics, micro-optics and nano-technology. LovaLite also distributes products from A.P.E. Research, Lumerical, Aurea Technology, ...

IMT i-Solution Inc. develops the iSolution family of software for biological science applications which helps you keep pace with today’s rapidly changing digital technology. This exceptional software is a perfect solution for biologic imaging measurement, analysis and processing.