TV/Commercials - 1




Time to breathe - high-speed images

Sugar to the beat - drum in slow motion

PCO at Vision 2011 show

Popcorn in slow motion

Muzzle, gun explosion, PCO high speed camera, slow motion

Guyana - Kids having fun in the river

Firecracker in slow motion - 2000 frames

Drop of coffee in slow motion

Destruction can be beautiful - high-speed images

Bubble gum - shaken, not stirred!

Bow and arrow, PCO high speed camera, slow motion

Guyana - motion on expedition

Motor bikes in slow motion

Guyana - Georgetown from above...

Gummy bears mixer - will it blend~1

Motor bikes in slow motion YouTube

PCO Highspeed Mystery

Magic Drops in Slow Motion(1)


Wilhelm Tell - reloaded

Will it blend - high speed recording of a blender in action

MTB Wildsau jump in slow motion - recorded with pco.dimax

Strokkur eruption at midnight - in slow motion(1)