Digital Pixel Limited

       Based at the University of Sussex, Digital Pixel have been designing and supplying systems into the research microscopy community for nearly two decades. More recently we have developed, designed and manufactured a wide range of systems to maintain cell viability in microscope applications. Systems include Incubation Systems, heated inserts, and gas controllers.

Vibration free Heaters

         For more demanding techniques, such as Super Resolution Microscopy, electrophysiology, tweezer experiments or simply using a x60 or x100 objective- the removal of this complication has obvious advantages!     On the other hand, in any kind of microscopy, it is really one less thing to worry about with numerous side benefits.
  1. Temperature Sensor PT100 or Thermocouple
  2. Temperature Range 1℃ above ambient to 42℃
  3. Temperature Stability +-0.2℃
  4. Thermal Homogeneity +-0.2℃  Across the four quadrants of a sample holder on motorised stage
  5. Power Consumption Typically less then 10W at equilibrium 37℃

Supported Microscopes
  1. Olympus system - IX71, IX81, IX73, IX83
  2. Zeiss system - 200M, LSM 800/880 Elyra
  3. Nikon system - Ti-E series, TE2000
  4. Leica - DMi8, DMi6000, SP5 and SP8 confocal
  5. Customerize size system
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