CoolLED’s NEW pT-100 light source for life science

Utilising the highly successful pE-100wht  technology,  we have further developed our LED solutions for Transmitted Light Applications.  The pT-100 launches in December 2018 and will be available in 4 variants:

1. BROAD WHITE OUTPUT – pT-100-WHT (formerly known as pE-100wht )
2. NARROW BANDWIDTH at 525nm – pT-100-525
3. NARROW BANDWIDTH at 635nm – pT-100-635
4. NARROW BANDWIDTH at 770nm – pT-100-770

These variants can provide solutions for a range of transmitted imaging techniques including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, Dodt gradient contrast and phase contrast.

With the pT-100-WHT, you will be able to simply replace your 100W Halogen whilst maintaining the same colour rendering index and core colour temperature, so no colour balancing required.

With the specialised narrower bandwidth solutions, you can eliminate background fluorescence experienced when using a phosphored LED in your transmitted light source, view samples that require deeper penetration, improve contrast and even image using techniques that require infrared light.

More CoolLED pT-100 light source infomation: