PCO Flim camera release

Luminescence lifetime imaging camera

The pco.flim camera system is the first luminescence lifetime imaging camera using a two tap CMOS image sensor. The camera can internally generate a wide range of frequencies and will also accept external modulation signals within a limited range of frequencies.
It features a variety of trigger input and output signals for easy system integration. Special software provides direct measurements and lifetime analysis.

pco.flim example microscopy

Key Features
  • 100ps - 100µs lifetimes measurable
  • 5kHz - 40MHz modulation frequencies
  • 500kHz – 40MHz external modulation signals
  • modulation signal shape sinusoidal / rectangular
  • 1008 x 1008 pixel resolution
  • frequency domain FLIM
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • 39% quantum efficiency
  • 1000:1 dynamic range
  • 45 e- rms readout noise
  • 90 fps frame rate (2 tap readout)
  • 10 ns to 10 s selectable exposure times
  • vibration-free water cooling
  • special software for measurement and analysis
Areas of application
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)
  • Phosphorescence Lifetime Imaging (PLIM)
  • FRET measurements with FLIM
  • Pressure Sensitive Paint (PSP)
  • Temperature Sensitive Paint (TSP)
  • Optical chemical sensing